Friday, July 17, 2015

Apache High Street - Baner: Limited availability, pathetic service

When places become popular, do they lose focus on quality and service? I have been wondering about this for a long time and a visit to Apache High Street ( 16/7/15) made me think about this even more!

Apache High Street is located in the wonderfully constructed complex housing the cummins building on the ground floor with ample parking and shops yet to be occupied apart from a few. As we made our way post parking, we saw a lot of tables lined up outside. We choose to be seated inside which has a typical ambiance for such a place. Walls decorated in bric red color, a mix of round and rectangular tables, bar on one side and large screen projecting live cricket match.

As were seated, came the menu – shaped like an old record (disc shaped), menu had a lot of options on offer. Three of us were here for Draught beer and there went the order – one tower! Only to be informed in an apologetic tone that tower is not available, so we shifted to the Pitcher –“Sorry Sir, pitcher is also not available”. Well we did not really make our way to Apache for having a pint which is available anywhere! At 8:15pm on a week day if Draught beer is not available, I wonder when they would make it available or is it a weekend only thing!

It took three people to take our short and minimal order, with the third person apologizing for coming again to confirm the order and retake it.

Now that we were already there, we decided to have some vodka and pint of beer as per choice and ordered for Fully Loaded Nachos. The drinks were served in 15 minutes – a lot considering the place wasn’t full and there is no “preparation time”!

Half way into the drink, we enquired about our Nachos and to our surprise, the staff was clueless about this order. Finally it did come, when we were few sips away from the last sip. On asking why it took so long for something which is more or less ready, we got some cryptic answers like there was no body to take the dish – which we hardly understood.
By then the music, which was playing at the right volume started playing at the highest volume probably, which made talking to each other almost impossible.

We asked for the bill and left and went to another place to have more drinks and more food. It made no sense to be at a place which had such a poor service and limited bar menu on offer.

A repeat visit – NO, unless there are no other options.

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