Friday, May 2, 2014

Fishland – Manglorian food in West Pune (Bavdhan)

Let’s face it, most of the good places for food in Pune are in the Eastern part of Pune – concentrated in Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Camp area. And when it comes to having authentic fish preparations – the old city areas, are the ones which are relied upon the most!
Thus when a new restaurant by name FishLand opened few days ago in Bavdhan, it indeed was a place to visit soon and review. Before I can even start writing about the Fish served there, I need to let you know that I am not a fish-eater and a lot of help for this blog has come from my better half.

Located next to Petrol Pump in Bavdhan, opposite Maratha Mandir, this place has ample parking place for two and four wheelers and would have a seating capacity of about 50-70 guests.

The first page of the menu card talks about the history of the restaurant and how one G.R. Desai moved out of Kamath Group of Hotels to start his own brand Fishland, followed by Unicorn – both and Bangalore and launching FishLand in Pune in March this year.

We did not book this place and just walked in on Sunday afternoon, hoping that we would get place and they would accept us for lunch at 2:30PM, and we did get a place of our choice and realized that the restaurant is open till 3:30PM for lunch.

Ambience, Décor & Seating
There is nothing much to write about the Ambience or Décor of the place, it is simple and there is a place for what looks like a yet to start bar. Seating is comfortable with good sturdy chairs and ample space on the table to accommodate the dishes you order. Entire seating is closed with air condition and I assume that on days when the restaurant is full, the smell of fish would welcome new guests.

Currently the restaurant is not serving alcohol so the drinks are limited to Sol Kadhi & cold drinks.

The menu at this new place is not exhaustive but covers all that one would look for in a restaurant like this. You can select from one of the Thalis on offer (Fish /Special Fish/ Crab/ Chicken), Soups, Starters (Dry Fish / Dry chicken), Main Course & Limited Deserts.

Food& Service
We ordered for Thalis, one Special Fish Thali – which comes with one Fish Gravy, One Fish Dry, two Chapati, Rice, Rassam, Sol Kadhi, Papad and one Chicken Thali – Which has one Chicken Dry, One Chicken Gravy and the rest being the same.

We expected that Thali would be ready and would come in really quick, but it took about 15 minutes for the Thali to be served. The Special Fish thali had an option of Bhangda [Mackerel] or Bombil [Bombay Duck] as dry fish and had Surmai[Seer Fish] in curry. The curry indeed was very tasty.

Chicken Thali

As for the chicken thali, the Dry chicken was in coconut preparation and the gravy authentic mangalori in green gravy. The quality of fish in fish curry was very good, but fish fry tasted stale and hard and chicken was above average, but the quality could have been better.

Special Fish Thali

The chapati, was a complete disaster. I suspect they get it ready made and only reheat before serving their guests. It was not soft and within no time, became chewy. The sol kadhi needs improvement too. There was no taste or zing to it. Rasam was a little spicy but had good taste. Overall, some hickups, and need to increase the quantity of rassam and sol kadhi in the thali.

Fishland is in the same range as other fish joints in the city, and two thali’s cost us 840 bucks. The place is expensive if you are going to opt for Al-a-Carte.

Overall Rating
Worth a visit but this place needs to get things right in terms of quantity and quality and hopefully that should be done soon. Time shall tell how well they are managing it.

Heera Heights, Opp. Maratha Mandir,
Bavdhan, Pune

·         The restaurant was not aware that I would write an review based on my experience
·         The visit was not sponsored
·         Photographs have been clicked by me

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