Friday, September 5, 2014

Café Peter Donuts – Small confused cafe

Having seen Café Peter Donuts for a long time while going around Prabhat Road, it was time to visit this place on Thursday evening – the voting day in Pune. Despite a lot of places offering between 10% and 20% discount for people who have voted, we still decided to go to this place and try out what they have on offer. This place was not offering any discounts on voting day, unfortunately.

Café Peter Donuts is located opposite Prabhat Police Station on Prabhat Road (Co-ordinates: 18.514214, 73.833496) on the first floor. The façade of the building is painted in bright colors on the first floor along with the name of this place; hence it is easy to spot the place. Prabhat Road has ample parking with dedicated parking on either side of the road (P1/P2). Unfortunately this stretch of the road does not have proper boards to show where the parking is. We simply parked in one of the lanes.

The place claims to be specializing in egg less donuts, coffee and Korean delicacies. Unfortunately, the bill boards or any of the posters that greet the visitors in the stairs do not make this clear, since they range from American Waffle to Momo’s on offer inside.

The large Red door at the entrance had a sign which read “FREE WIFI”. Unfortunately, when I tried connecting, it asked for password which was not mentioned anywhere, either on the walls or on the bill. On asking the person at the counter about the password, we were told one password which was accepted but the connection was too poor and the phones simply did not connect saying poor or no connection.  The Wi-Fi is a complete failure in this case. Not a good sign.

The ambience is nice, with bright colors, coffee table books, a lot of reading material and good hanging lights all around this small café. However, the seating is a disaster. One long table where you expect everybody to sit next to each other eventually would mean lesser people seated on that since people sit with alternate chairs left empty. The other seating looks decent and casual, but I am not sure how comfortable the sofas are.

Now coming to the menu – well, what Menu ? ! I could not find one single place where the complete menu was available. The boards on the wall behind the counter had some menu, a lot of stuff, outside of that written there was available in the coffee shop including a lot of donuts. 

I must admit, we did not come close to trying out a lot of stuff from the café, and relied only on what was on display, rather than banking on the menu on the wall. We ordered for Chota Cup Donut (Rs.120) which has 12 miniature donuts, 2 each of 6 varieties and two Cappuccino (Rs.100 each).

The donuts were a mixed bag, with half the varieties being perfect in taste and sweetness while the rest being a dampener – being dry and hard. While the coffee was good, the mugs were not. The coffee mug handle was not even big enough to hold it with just one finger comfortably. 

One has to order and pay at the counter and the order is then delivered on your table. This service can definitely be quicker than what it is currently.

I have mixed feelings for this place, the tables too close to each other, comfort level of seats low and no specific menu to try out.
For the ambiance and the wobbly chairs on offer, this place is expensive. The food was OK, coffee was decent and the seating not comfortable. I may visit this place again to try out something different but if it just for Donuts, I would prefer Mad Over Donuts over this place, and this is low on my list of places to visit again.

·      *   We visited this place on Thursday 17th April,14
·      *  The Café was not aware that I would write a review of my experience
·      *  We paid for our food

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  1. I tried Mad over Donuts at Phoenix ( basement) and Inorbit ( top floor)
    Must say loved their donuts